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October 7, 2013

Churches of the Youth Congregational Basketball League,

As leaders of the church league, we have met and served many amazing people, watched incredibly talented players, partnered with effective, committed and spirit-led coaches/adult leaders, have been humbled by students who desired to play basketball for fun and the chance to serve others, and seen lives touched and changed by Christ through this blessed ministry... literally hundreds of lives each year. We praise God!

We are humbled by many of you who have in some cases been with the league since the beginning in 1991, as well as those who came to know of the league recently. We look with thanks upon Rev. Dave Wold, the founder of the league who had the vision to create the league and who then partnered with several of us through these last 22 years. His spirit touched so many lives through this ministry.

At this time, the league's leadership committee believes it needs to step back for the coming winter season, 2014, to assess the future and ask some questions:

  • Is the league still needed by churches and needed by enough churches/students to sustain it?
  • How might the league continue in the future and who would lead it if it did continue?
  • Is there a church/institution that would cover the taking in of the registration money and pay the refs and gym managers at the end of the season.

Many of us who have led the organization are finding it more difficult with personal family/work demands to continue as we have all these years. But more importantly, we have also noticed the declining interest the last few years by churches to allow the league to be sustainable. We realize that ministries, even effective ones, come and go over time, but that God implants new dreams into the hearts and minds of people, as he did so many years ago with this league. Through our faith, we are sure it will happen again, in fresh new ways. (Psalm 84:1-7).

Your comments are welcome.

Pr. Dave Wrightsman, League Director
Megan Schornstein, League Coordinator

The purpose of the Augsburg College Church Youth Basketball League (ACCYL) is to provide relaxed, yet structured games in a Christian setting, allowing kids an opportunity for fun and exercise while building relationships with teammates, opponents, and God. Through these games and practices, Christian values are promoted throughout the coaching ranks and spiritual growth is encouraged within each team and individual. Devotions, prayers, and community service are a part of each team’s experience. Each individual has the opportunity to enjoy the game of basketball, regardless of ability or experience, and in doing so is able to achieve a feeling of success.

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